About Me

Let me introduce myself.

Bar Efrima, a 25-year-old BSc. Computer Science student, passionate about innovation, AI, and problem-solving.
With programming and graphic design expertise, I bring a unique blend of creativity and technical skills.
I research computer-human interaction at Milab lab and have a keen interest in product development and IOT.
My goal is to push technology's boundaries through new challenges.


Project 1

Amazon Scraper

FastAPI web app that displays item prices from multiple Amazon websites. Users can search for items, view scraped results, and see prices from different Amazon sites. It includes features like currency conversion, search limits, and past search history.

Project 9


Created a cross-platform app for Reichman University using Ionic React. The app allows users to easily find rooms, coffee, water, and more.

Project 2


Kitchef is an IoT prototype project I developed in my research on computer-human interaction at Milab. Kitchef combines wearable technology, smart objects, and collaborative cooking experiences for parents and children. From recipe selection to wristband interaction and shared progress

Project 4

The Musical Spray

Arduino-based C++ touch instrument featuring 4 metal buttons that produce different sound notes when touched. It offers multiple modes for unique note generation. In low-light conditions, the instrument illuminates with red lights.

Project 5

WeatherWizard App

I developed a cross-platform weather app using React Ionic. It allows users to select a city from a dropdown menu and fetches the current weather for that city. The app features moving cloud effects and has a custom background and logo.

Project 3

Highlights Maker

I created a Python program that extracts important moments from a sports game video using audio and keywords. It analyzes volume peaks, recognizes exciting words through speech recognition, and prints timestamps. Additionally, it generates GIFs of those moments.

Project 7

Gaming With Fruits

Playing "Bubble Trouble" with fruits as keyboard using Circut Playground Express. banana gun, orange controller, and cheat mode activated by touching a sweet potato. The program, written in Arduino C++, utilizes sensors to control the game.

Project 8

Royal Cats NFT

Founder and Owner of 'Royal Cats NFT' blockchain project. Programmed ERC-721 ETH contract with Solidity, created 10k unique NFTs, Built the collection website, managed global team of 20, and grew community to 8K+.

Project 6

The Weather Box

A device that retrieve the current weather conditions at a specified location by fetching the data from weather API, You can enter specific longitude and latitude and the device then displays a customized lights corresponding to the current weather condition.